McGill Reporter on the Forces AVENIR Gala

Forces to be reckoned with: McGill student initiatives feted at Forces AVENIR

The McGill Reporter’s Neale McDevitt wrote about the McGill winners at the 2017 Forces AVENIR gala. The NeuroSymposium won the first prize in the category Science & Technological Applications!

NeuroSymposium looks to promote neuroscientific collaborations and to encourage a cross-pollination of ideas among young researchers from different fields.

NeuroSymposium Founders Awarded Forces Avenir Prize

NeuroSymposium Founders Awarded Forces Avenir Prize

Article posted on McGill’s Integrated Program in Neuroscience website on the foundation and vision of the NeuroSymposium.

In an increasingly connected world, which at the same time is growing increasingly more competitive, building a strong provincial network will give neuroscience research in Québec greater exposure and will allow it to shine even more brightly on the national and international stages.